Healthy Sleep During the Holidays

The holidays are here. They might look different this year, but even with smaller gatherings and less travel, holidays are likely to disrupt our routines. Changes within the daily schedule can certainly mess with sleep — for both adults and children!

Here are some quick tips to help maintain healthy sleep during the next few months:

  • Get plenty of rest before the holidays begin. Think: EARLY BEDTIMES NOW!
  • Look at the holiday calendar to determine when there might be a late night or a missed nap. Make a schedule, even if it will be a bit off the normal schedule, to ensure that your child gets quality sleep.
  • If you know there will be a late night, try for an early bedtime the night before and the night after.
  • Try to enjoy your time with your family and friends and not stress too much about sleep. We have plenty of stress in our lives right now.
  • Try to have patience when your little one (or maybe your bigger ones) has a meltdown or tantrum. Missed sleep can mean less than ideal behavior.
  • When the holidays are over, make sure to get back to your normal sleep routines. Bedtime might need to be earlier than usual for a few nights to help your child catch up on sleep.
  • You know your child the best, and you know that when he sleeps well, everyone is happier!
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