A friend suggested that I call Johanna because our 3.5 year old was making bedtime really difficult. He insisted on leaving his light on all night and was getting up several times before falling asleep along with waking us 1-2 times a night. I was tired and needed help! It took less than 1 week for everything to change, thanks to Johanna's sleep plan and suggestions. Our son is going to bed earlier, not coming out of his room and sleeping with his lights off. It has been such a wonderful change, especially in him. He is happier, more energetic and less cranky during the day now. Johanna made herself available to us, even on vacation, and had wonderful suggestions and answers to any questions that we had. I cannot recommend Johanna enough for sleep issues, at any age! She has changed our lives for the better and I know that she can change yours!
Scarsdale, NY
I'm a parent to three young children (6.5, 5 and 1) and came to Johanna exhausted with my baby daughter's early wake ups and inconsistent naps. Even though I was on child #3, we still are not experts and needed help!  My daughter was cranky and tired and so were the rest of us! Over the course of two weeks Johanna worked with me to create a sleep plan that worked for my daughter and our family taking into account her developmental milestones and age-appropriate guidelines.  Johanna was great at really listening to me about our family's structure, our parenting style and the problems we were facing with her sleep. She was able to synthesize that and create an easy to follow plan that wasn't iron-clad but one we talked about daily. Johanna was always accessible (and I'm on the West Coast!) for trouble shooting or touching base about  how things were going. Each day she checked in and offered support. When it was over, my daughter was sleeping better and we were too. I would recommend Johanna to anyone -- she's really so knowledgeable, patient, understanding and helpful. Thank you so much!
Los Angeles, CA
My 9 month old had trouble with night waking. I had read sleep books and thought I could manage my son’s sleep alone. When I finally reached an exhaustion level that was too much, I reached out to Johanna. I wish I had talked to her months ago. Johanna was warm, understanding, and available for any questions. She helped give us permission to implement a plan that now has my son sleeping 7pm-7am plus 2 naps! We are all happier and because of the regular naps able to plan our days better. Truly a life changer!.
New York, NY
We came to Johanna to help improve my son’s functioning throughout the day from his early morning wake ups.  We thought his 7/730pm bedtime was sufficient, but Johanna really helped us tackle Aaron from many angles. She helped us address his sleep environment, daytime sleep habits and bedtime hour and routine, giving him 1-1.5hrs more of sleep a night. This greatly impacted his functioning during the day, most notably his focus and attention. Johanna was super easy to communicate with remotely and I would definitely use her again (although, I hope I don’t need to!).
New York, NY
We just finished up our week of support from Johanna and it’s by far the best decision my husband and I made in a long time. Just two weeks ago we were spending hours putting our two boys to sleep, just to find them up again only a few hours later. Exhausted we let them come into our bed. Each morning we’d get up before dawn with two little boys in our bed having been kicked in the stomach all night. Sigh. Johanna gave me both the confidence and the skills to make a huge shift.  She wrote a comprehensive sleep plan with two different approaches for my two boys (ages 4 and almost 2). She helped me plan a family meeting and include our 4 year old in the conversation about sleep. She supported me to be consistent and follow through on each aspect of the plan. I am forever grateful! Both boys are now putting themselves to sleep AND sleeping through the night.  It’s only been a little over a week. Johanna helped me realize what my kids are capable of which is a gift that goes so far beyond this particular moment in sleep training.  She is accessible, knowledgeable and insightful - I highly recommended working with her!
New York, NY
Johanna did a wonderful job from start to finish. She listened to the issues we were having with our youngest daughter (2.5 years old)  and then designed a plan that worked within the confines of our life and work schedules. Rather than trying to adjust our entire life, she made tweaks and adjustments that were achievable, attainable, and realistic. She was patient in her approach and very generous with her time and availability. When certain tactics didn't work as well as others (not all kids respond the same way), she had quick solutions to pivot to another approach. Our sleep issues comprised of a very long and delayed "going to bed process" and 1-2 wake-ups per night. After a few weeks working with Johanna, our daughter has the confidence to put herself to sleep earlier and is sleeping through the night. It's amazing. Putting our daughter to bed is now something we look forward to rather dreading. Thanks for giving us our sanity back!
Larchmont, NY
After a dream sleep training experience with my first child, my second came along premature and I found myself coddling her and delaying proper sleep training. Johanna immediately identified her nap times as the main culprit of her night waking (couldn't get rid of that last wake!) and in only one week of implementation my peanut was sleeping soundly for 11 hours! Johanna really does work with your lifestyle and family's needs to create a plan that's right for you. The plan was written and clear so that even when nannies took over we could be consistent. Don't wait, I encourage you to chat with her as soon as you can.
New York, NY
I am so happy I contacted Johanna for help getting my 3 year old's sleep back on track.  He would not go to sleep without a parent lying down in bed with him, and he was waking up multiple times a night.  Everyone was exhausted.  I thought that because I had successfully sleep trained him as a baby, I could do it again, but I was getting nowhere on my own.  Johanna developed a sensible, tailored plan for us and was in touch daily to help us through the process, provide encouragement, and answer questions.  My son is now going to sleep on his own and sleeping through the night!  We are thrilled, and everyone is more rested.
Washington D.C.
Johanna is amazing! Our 2.5 year old was having separation anxiety at bed time and resisting bedtime. Johanna created a plan that took into account our needs and personality and within days our daughter was back to normal and after 2 weeks bedtime was easy! Our daughter is sleeping more soundly, both at night and for naps, and we have more time at night to enjoy a glass of wine or prepare for the next day! I can’t recommend her enough!
Boston, MA
We cannot recommend Johanna enough! She helped us get our one year old out of our bed and sleeping on his own, in his crib, from 7pm-6am. After months of a stressful sleep routine, we were so surprised that it only took a few days to see improvement. By the end of our two week engagement with Johanna, our baby's sleep schedule was seamless. Johanna was knowledgeable, responsive, and encouraging throughout the process. We are so grateful for her help. 
Cammie and Tyler
New York, NY
Working with Johanna was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my daughter’s well being. Because of her I have my happy and energetic daughter back. Johanna helped implement a sleep plan that worked with our lifestyle and family. My 11 month old daughter went from taking two 20-30 min naps during the day and waking up almost every hour at night to taking two 1/1.5 hour naps and sleeping 6:30/7pm – 6:30am every night in 2 weeks! Johanna was available and on target throughout the whole process. I had read every sleep training book out there but what the books don’t do is guide you on what to do when your child doesn’t follow the plan exactly. Johanna was able to give us the tools to tweak the plan on a daily basis so that it was a success! I highly recommend Johanna!
New York, NY
Johanna helped transform the sleep schedule of our 13 month old - and our entire family! After a frustrating year of waking up multiple times in the night, we reached out to Johanna. She listened closely to our challenges and crafted a plan that would work for us. She talked us through step-by-step how to approach the transition, and checked in regularly via text and phone. She was a calm, encouraging presence throughout the transition, which definitely helped us to see it through. Our daughter now sleeps 11 hours a night, and we are all happier and more sane!
Brendan and Joanna
New York, NY
Our sleep training guided by Johanna was very successful! In the two weeks we worked together, our little guy learned how to fall asleep in the crib on his own. He also extended his stretches of sleep and learned how to put himself back down after waking up in the night. Both his and our routines and life rhythms balanced out greatly during our two weeks working with Johanna. Her guidance offered the structure and framework we needed to stick to the plan and cement progress....but never came across as pedantic, unrealistic or inflexible. There was appreciation given to balancing the demands of his sleeping program and the realities of our lives, which made a difficult process more manageable for us. Having the structure laid out for us in plain, understandable ways coupled with having an expert to hold our hands through the process gave us the tools to get our son, and in turn ourselves, some good nights of sleep!
Arielle and Simon
New York, NY
Our entire family is so happy that we decided to work with Johanna to help our three year old daughter's sleep get back on track. After about six weeks of hours-long bedtimes and middle of the night wake ups (for the first time she was an infant), we decided we needed some support. Johanna dedicated so much time and energy to us to understand the full context of our environment, and create and document a plan that would work for us. She was patient, nonjudgmental, and extremely supportive. During the first few nights' bedtimes, we would text back and forth to make in the moment decisions, and alter those decisions and routines each day until we got to a place that worked well. While every child and family is different, our daughter was back to her normal, healthy sleep habits within a week. She has gotten so much more sleep and rest since our time with Johanna, and it makes every day go more smoothly. We're so grateful.
Maxie and Evan
New York, NY
Johanna was so helpful and supportive in helping us get our toddler back to sleeping through the night. She gave great advice and tools on how to break bad habits while still allowing us to keep our routines and preferences for things while working on everything. She was available to answer any questions after each night and come up with different solutions and options to solve any difficulty. I highly recommend her if your child is struggling with sleep, she was really a pleasure to work with!
New York, NY
We were intimidated by the thought of sleep training our baby, but starting from our initial call with Johanna, our worries were eased.  She listened to all our concerns, helped us articulate our sleep training goals, and created a custom sleep plan for us.  The guidelines she set for us were realistic and flexible, and she provided support every step of the way.  Within a few days, our baby went from being rocked to sleep around the clock and waking at all hours of the night to putting himself to sleep for every single nap and nighttime sleep. He is such a happier baby and parents are ecstatic to get some sleep too!  We would hire Johanna a hundred times over again if we had to and we cannot recommend her enough.
New York, NY
After months of reading every single piece of sleep advice that existed on the internet, we found Johanna through a friend and hired her immediately. We made what seemed to be just a few minor tweaks, but it made a huge difference in helping us to eliminate our 7 month old's screaming wake ups during both daytime and nighttime sleep, and finally get him on a regular sleeping schedule. Johanna was always available, super thorough and patient, and comes highly recommended! We now feel prepared to tackle any sleep challenges thrown our way for the next year as well with her longer term advice at the end of our two week session.
Mamaroneck, NY
I had all but given up on the hope that my 18-month old would be able to sleep through the night when I was referred to Johanna. She gave me a few simple adjustments to his daily schedule and a detailed “check-in” process for when he woke up – and in less than a week he was sleeping soundly and waking up happy. Throughout the whole process, Johanna was so incredibly encouraging and helpful. He is still a sleeping and napping champ and I am still pinching myself. Thank you Johanna from our entire household – we are all getting sleep now and it has been life-changing!
New York, NY
We love Johanna! She helped my 6 year old who was waking nightly, sometimes numerous times! We had a late and unorganized bed routine. Johanna helped me with a sleep plan that was obtainable and easy to implement. She’s not judgmental and realistic making her plans easily digestible. My daughter loved to hear the email praises from her sleep “doctor” and Johanna was responsive at all times. We all sleep so much better here and are very grateful!
Johanna was recommended to me by another twin mom after I mentioned that we were in a deep struggle to get our toddler twins to sleep. I was struggling to get them to stay in their cribs and it was taking them more than 2 hours to get them both to sleep most nights. It was really hard for every member of our family-dogs included! Johanna helped us to put together a sleep plan and stayed connected to me throughout the entire process. What I truly appreciated was that Johanna really listened to everything I had to say and was kind and patient. Her knowledge is incredible and she knew how to answer every question I asked her. My twins are sleeping on their own for 11 hours each night and they nap so well! I am so impressed with her work-I now tell all of the parents in my circle about her. I'm so grateful to have had her help! THANK YOU,
Mom to 18 month twins
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